Advanced Diagnostics

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Do you have spare components on hand to swap out for faster diagnostics and repair?

What makes us different

90% of the time we will have in stock the parts which may be required for your repair.  We also maintain a large number of older components in our tech department which help in validating issues with your computer.  

Our advanced diagnostic software is able to do a complete system check from motherboard diagnostics including ports, processors, on-board video, and other chip level components to burn-in testing of drives and RAM.  Additional software also checks for driver issues and operating system corruption.

Specialized hardware allows us to check all voltage rails from your power supply and our experienced technician can visually check for blown capacitors and seized fans.

Things we think you should know

Most technicians have a more limited set of tools which often results in incorrect diagnostics.  We’ve seen other shops replace motherboards only to find out all they needed was a $20 stick of memory.  An incomplete diagnostic can also leave you with an unknown incomplete repair only to have you going back to the technician only a few days later.  What appears like a cheaper option at first will often have unforseen costs in time and money.