Virus and Malware Removal Service

Virus Character

What to ask your repair technician

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

What steps do you take to protect my data?

Do you take steps to reduce my chance of getting another virus?

What makes us different

Before running a virus removal we will image your drive to reduce the chance of any data loss.  

We guarantee to remove the virus and repair the operating system.  If we must resort to a “wipe and reload” to get you back up and running then there will be no charge for the virus removal effort and the “wipe and reload” is free*.

Things we think you should know

All computer repair technicians can handle MOST virus and malware removals.  Honestly, you can handle MOST of these virus removals yourself and I’ll point you in the right direction in a minute.

The dirty secret in the industry is that most computer technicians just run their favorite virus removal program on your system.  If that doesn’t work they will tell you they must resort to a wipe and reload.  That may be alright with you if you don’t care about the data already stored on your hard drive but know this, that data is gone.

Do you care about your data? If not, ask for a wipe and reload to begin with.  At our shop that will save you about $30 out of the gate.  Click here to try and remove the virus yourself.

Our Process

  1. Remove the hard drive from your computer
  2. Install your hard drive as a slave to a system specifically built for virus and malware removal
  3. Make a complete image of your hard drive
  4. Run virus removal software targeting your hard drive
  5. Remove your hard drive from the cleaning system and reinstall into your computer
  6. Boot the system and repair any boot issues
  7. Install and run virus removal software from your system
  8. Verify that internet connectivity and all other system functions and devices are functioning correctly
  9. Reinstall and/or repair original antivirus and anti-malware programs
  10. Update the operating system with the latest security patches
  11. Update all browsers and common plugins with the latest security patches
  12. Check and clean common hiding places for remnants.
  13. Verify a second time that internet connectivity and all other system functions and devices are functioning correctly
  14. Call you to let you know it’s ready for pickup


*  Offer excludes true encryption type infections ( ransomware ) where the only solution is to restore from backup.  Guarantee does not cover damage that may be caused to programs, databases, or digital images which are not part of the Windows operating system.