Legacy System Repair

What to ask your repair technicianClassic PC Days

Do you have the ability to repair motherboards or just replace them?

Do you have diagnostic software for testing components of older system?

What makes us different

Some technicians may laugh when you bring in an older system running Windows 98 or something even earlier.  Not us. We understand the need to continue running legacy systems.  In fact, we run some ourselves.

Whether you are small business hanging on to an older system to save money and training cost or you have a sophisticated industrial application which will cost thousands of dollars to replace, we can help keep it running.  Our advanced hardware and software diagnostics can pinpoint the problem at the component level or the board level.

Our technicians have soldering skills required for board level repairs.  We also have the experience and sources for tracking down older components to get your legacy system back up and running.

Whenever adding new hardware to a classic system is required, such as replacement hard drives, we have the parts necessary to bridge that technology gap and the expertise to make it work properly.

Things we think you should know

Make sure your computer repair technician handles board level repairs in-house.  Many shops will offer the service but end up sending your system to another shop to actually get the job done.  This will often drive up the cost of the actual repair and increase turnaround time.

Ask your technician if they use kits or if they have dedicated sources for components.  Repair kits can be found online cheaply, but often use inferior quality parts that will leave you right back where you started.  We only use top-quality components from the most reliable brands, sourced from major distributors.