Motherboard Upgrade Service

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If the motherboard needs replacement, will you also require me to upgrade or repurchase Microsoft Windows?

What makes us different

Having to upgrade or repurchase Microsoft Windows creates an unnecessary expense for you.

Often, computer repair technicians run into Windows activation issues after they have finished making significant hardware replacements.  The easiest solution for the technician is to ask you to pay to upgrade or purchase Microsoft Windows again.  Don’t do it.  

We have the necessary tools and experience required to upgrade your motherboard without having to repurchase Microsoft Windows.  This alone can save you well over $100.

Things we think you should know

When Microsoft Windows activation issues go wrong they can require hours of work by the technician to straighten things out.  Most computer technicians will try to avoid activation issues by convincing you it is time to upgrade your Microsoft Windows Operating System.  This always adds an additional expense to the job and a significant time investment by you to adapt to a new operating system.  Additionally, dishonest or lazy technicians may try to circumvent difficult activation issues by recycling Windows licenses from other systems, or by using tools that can defeat the licensing system by tricking it into thinking it is activated.  Such methods are forms of piracy, illegal, and if found can subject you to hefty fines or criminal charges.