CWNC Care Service

Computer Warehouse is offering a new computer support service called CWNC Care. With CWNC Care, we can help you stay informed about your computer making sure that it stays functional and secure. We have multiple tiers and options of service available.

Basic – Free – Basic Care is an alert only service that is free to use. You will receive an email alert anytime an abnormality is detected. These are set through hardware measurements and thresholds that we will adjust to your request. If at any time you’d like our assistance or advise, we are just a click away using the icon in the taskbar.

Advanced – $10/month/system – Advanced Care actively applies all system and security updates, includes availability monitoring, and FREE PRIORITY SERVICE for any repairs necessary while covered. By default, we will receive and address all alerts. Your involvement is kept to a minimum unless requested otherwise.


Up to two Routers, Smart switches, Printers or any other SNMP, TCP, HTTP or generic IGMP devices per system is included for all levels of CWNC Care.

Additional Options include:

  • Security Services from Webroot, Acronis, Emsisoft, Ironscales and Absolute
  • Backup Services with Local and Cloud Storage options from Acronis, iDrive, Backblaze, and Axcient
  • Password Management from Bitwarden
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Note: This offer is for Windows based retail customers only.  Wholesale customers please email for details.  Any hardware and labor necessary for repair will still be billed at the standard rate.  We also cannot guarantee that you will remain virus and malware free - only that we can help you stay as safe as possible and resolve any issues as painlessly as possible.