Data Recovery Service

What to ask your repair technicianOpen hard drive in gloved hand

  1. If you are unable to recover any data will there still be a charge?
  2. Do you have more than a software solution to handle my data recovery?
  3. If my drive needs the heads replaced do you send it off to another company?

What makes us different

There are only a handful of companies in the United States which own the equipment necessary for proper data recovery.  We are one of only two companies in North Carolina with the hardware and software required to insure the best results for a data recovery.

Computer Warehouse of North Carolina in Greensboro offers free drive evaluation.

Things we think you should know

99.9% of computer repair shops cannot properly handle a data recovery.  The smart ones will not even try to recover the data because they understand trying over and over again causes further damage to the drive.  The more damage to the drive the higher the cost goes to recover any data.  They may not tell you but often they just send the drive to a data recovery company like us and add a surcharge for the service.

For more information, see our Data Recovery tech specs page.