DIY Computer Repair

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The purpose of our do-it-yourself (DIY) section is to provide helpful tips for everyone no matter their level of proficiency.  Even if you don’t have the time or interest to try and handle your own computer repair we hope the information will be useful.  Just having a little more information may save you money, time, or put you in the position to keep your computer technician honest.

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Each topic will be broken down by symptom.  Possible causes of the symptom will be listed in all sections regardless of our intention to provide a solution.  Solutions will only be offered based on the user’s competency level.  We believe a basic understanding of possible causes will help everyone when it is necessary to enlist the help of an experienced computer technician.  

Entry Level

Requires a basic understanding of how to use the computer.  It assumes you are only willing to spend 15 minutes trying to troubleshoot the problem and up to 30 minutes to resolve the problem. If you are unable to fix the problem yourself at least you will have enough new knowledge to discuss the issue with the computer technician of your choice.  

Advanced Level

Safety first here.  If the specific troubleshooting or repair requires the power to be on it will not be listed here.  We assume you are comfortable with Microsoft Windows and various device drivers.  Some diagnostic techniques will require spare parts on hand or the use of special tools.  You should be comfortable opening the computer’s case and familiar with the different components and devices in your computer or devices attached to your computer.   If you are entry level and want to learn about computer repair this is the area for you.  

Expert Level

Requires the individual to be comfortable working with high voltage and/or have soldering skills and equipment.

Many of the topics listed may not have links so assume they will be coming soon!  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Desktop Repair

Laptop Repair

Here is a video of Troubleshooting a Lenovo Yoga 2 with no display.  Leave us your comments!