Who are we?

Computer Warehouse of North Carolina logo

We’re Computer Warehouse.
We’re experience, expertise, quality and respect.
We’re the team you want in your corner or back pocket when things get ugly.

We offer systems, solutions, repair service and data recovery.  We can set you up with a branded, off-the-shelf system as easily as we can build something customized to your needs.  We offer levels of service you won’t find anywhere else, and competitive value offerings.

Our Service Quality Sets Us Apart

That means we aren’t always the cheapest, but we’re not trying to be.  We don’t want to earn business by just being the lowest bidder. We want to offer the best value for the money, so we offer exceptional services at reasonable prices.  The guy up the street may say he’ll do it for $20 less, but ask yourself what he’s doing differently to offer a lower price. Or rather, what he isn’t doing. We have families to provide for and we really, really like repeat business and referrals, so we’re not going to do “bare minimum necessary to get paid”.


Our Service Ability Sets Us Apart

We offer repair services most other companies don’t.  We have the skill and equipment to get legacy and modern systems back up and running quickly.  Motherboard failures are not a death sentence on our bench – in many cases they CAN be repaired.  We offer component-level service, virus and malware removal, hardware replacement and upgrades, and we are VERY good at finding solutions to your weird, head-scratcher issues.  Our technicians don’t fix computers so much as they solve puzzles.

And they really like solving puzzles

We are also one of the only companies in NC with full data recovery capabilities.  Everything from basic “oops I deleted it” to “my hard drive is clicking and won’t respond”.  We can even help with flash drive issues.

Who Can We Help?

Whether you’re a college student in a hurry and don’t know where to go, a small business owner in need of emergency assistance, or a local IT company needing help covering those extra few bases, we’re here for you.  We don’t replace the IT guy. We support his need to support you. We can’t come to you, but our depot services are second to none. Well, we CAN come to you in limited circumstances but we do our best work right here where we have our tools, equipment and OH YEAH A WAREHOUSE OF COMPUTER PARTS so we don’t need to order a hard drive from Amazon and make you wait days for a hard drive or memory.

And we have dedicated sources for system-specific stuff.  Laptop LCDs, power jacks, bezels, covers, and all that fun stuff can be here in as little as 2 days.