Data Recovery Technical Specifications

Generic Data Recovery ImageAt Computer Warehouse of North Carolina in Greensboro, we understand the importance of your data. Whether you have lost a mission critical server drive, or you’ve lost years of sentimental pictures and personal documents, we can help. Maximum data recovery is achieved using specialized Deepspar equipment and techniques. With access to a clean room for internally physically damaged drives, Computer Warehouse is capable of handling even the most complicated and sensitive of data recovery jobs.

With a Class 100 (ISO 5) certified clean room and Certified Data Recovery Experts!

Don’t Ruin Your Chance to Retrieve Your Data!

If you suspect your hard drive may be damaged, any attempt to try to read information from the drive may damage the drive further.  Don’t ruin your chances of a successful data recovery!

Computer Warehouse of North Carolina in Greensboro offers free drive evaluation!

Don’t risk losing your only chance to recover data from your hard drive!

We can recover data from all kinds of devices and drives from many different Operating Systems, Manufacturers, and RAID arrays:

  • Laptop, Desktop, SSD, USB external drives
  • All RAID Arrays: RAID 5, 0, 1, 10, 6, 50, +more
  • NAS (Network attached storage) boxes of all manufacturers
  • USB flash drives
  • Camera storage cards
  • All Filesystems and Operating Systems!

Having a drive crash can be a terrifying experience. We have all heard stories of companies paying over $10,000 for data recovery because they have to send them out to industry leading professional services to completely disassemble the drive.  Sometimes that is necessary but for 80%+ of data recoveries, we are able to get 100% recovery satisfaction at a fraction of the cost and time.

Why spend thousands of dollars on outsourced data recovery when Computer Warehouse of NC has the same equipment in-house, right here in Greensboro!

Computer Warehouse’s Data Recovery department in Greensboro uses a state of the art hardware disk imager specifically designed to recover data from damaged drives. The problem with using most imaging systems for data recovery is that they are designed to pull data off of a healthy drive as fast as possible. This can be extremely taxing, even on healthy drives, and can completely ruin unstable drives. Using a hardware solution specifically designed for damaged drives, Computer Warehouse in Greensboro is able to recover data using PDR Certified™ hardware.

Our Data Recovery Hardware Imager can recover more data because:

  • Support of SATA native functions for drive diagnostics and imaging, such as PHY Control.
  • Process every head differently, depending on the level of degradation.
  • Use different algorithms and different workflows for different media issues.
  • Allow imaging data for selected types of files and directories.