DIY Computer Repair – Blue Screens

Blue Screen of Table FlipA blue screen is the result of a fatal system error or system crash. and is most commonly referred to as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). It is a hard stop error usually caused by malfunctioning hardware or hardware device driver problems. Be sure to write down the stop error message and stop error code to assist you in tracking down the system issue. Your solution depends on the root of the problem so be patient when trying to resolve this issue. Here are some of the most common:

    • Hardware Conflicts
      You will occasionally encounter this issue when trying to install a new device to your system. To resolve the issue, turn off your computer and try disconnecting the newly added device, then reboot. If that does not resolve the issue then turn off the computer and choose a different hardware device, disconnect, reboot and repeat the process with each hardware device until you no longer get the BSOD. Once you find the offending hardware device try updating the device driver.
    • Overheating Components or Circuitry
      Turn off your computer for 15 minutes before rebooting. If the system functions normally then your problem may well be overheating. Excess heat can be caused by improperly seated heat sinks or malfunctioning fans. Inspect these areas visually. If your system has been overclocked revert back to the factory default setting.
    • Bad Memory
      Remove all but one of the RAM sticks from your computer to see if the problem goes away.
    • Bad Hard Disk Drive
      Be careful here. If you have heard any clicking or grinding noise then your hard drive may be going bad. See our page Hear grinding or clicking sound

If you are still having trouble finding the issue the problem is probably software related. Try performing a System Restore to roll the software back to its previous state. Fair warning, you can lose data on your computer. When all else fails try the nuclear option by performing a clean install of Windows. You will most definitely lose all your data. Before taking this action a computer repair technician will fully back up your drive so all is not lost.