DIY Computer Repair – Cracked Screen

What to Replace?

A cracked screen on a laptop is usually obvious but can sometimes just look like patterned lines with odd colors and no obvious surface flaws.  Either way, the only solution for a cracked screen is replacement. Depending on the laptop you have, and it varies greatly, it may require intricate disassembly, complete “head” replacement, or parts may not be available.  We recommend looking in the repair manual for your specific model to review the procedure before beginning the repair.  Another good source though less reliable is youtube. Make sure to search for your specific model and “screen replacement”. Hopefully you’ll find someone has posted a how-to video.  Once you figure out “what” exactly you need to replace, make sure you can order a replacement. If parts aren’t available, no need to disassemble.

Head Assembly Replacement Tips

If you can get the replacement part at a reasonable price, all that’s left is the swap out.  A complete head assembly is much easier than replacing just the screen. Just remember to take your time and be very careful with the tiny connections and cables. Cable routing is exact and important.  Take pictures before and during disassembly – they help tremendously.

LCD Screen Replacement Tips

If it is the screen inside the head that can be replaced on your model, just follow the instructions step by step.  Sometimes, the screen assembly is just snapped together and other times, there are hidden screws behind stickers or rubber grommets that need to be removed first.  Once the screen assembly is apart, take extra care with the cables – especially the 30+ pin LCD connector. It is often taped in place and should be retaped once replaced.  Also note all screw locations since some will be for the bezel assembly and some will be for holding the screen brackets in place.